Virtual office market grows with crisis

The concept of virtual office arose in Brazil in the 60s, coming from Europe. Your Office is one of the pioneers in the sector and has grown 20% a year, especially at that time, with the crisis that the country is going through.

The segment as a whole, had an increase of 15%, according to data from the National Association of Coworking and Virtual Offices, due to the reduction of costs offered by companies, who seek today more than ever to adjust to the new times.

It is estimated that there are around 1000 business centers in Brazil today. “Working independently is one of the challenges faced by today’s professionals. Formal employment, increasingly rare in the labor market, has made room for entrepreneurship,” says Otavio Ventura, CEO of Your Office, a mechanical engineer formed by the Technological Institute of Aeronautics (ITA) with more than 20 years of experience in consulting and industrial projects.

Solutions that offer cost containment have become a good business compared to the other segments. Those that already operate, but face difficulties in sizing up the current market situation with the forecast of cost and financial return, have the advantages of adapting to specific needs, and without the requirement of long-term lease contracts.

SEBRAE Research reveals that almost 50% of companies close their doors before completing two years of activity. Maintenance expenses, taxes and structure are among the main causes that jeopardize working capital of the business. According to the entity, this index rises from 56.4 in the third year and exceeds 59% the following year, in which many companies file bankruptcy. The proposal of Your Office offers total flexibility to keep up with the uncertainties that the current economic situation presents to us, in addition to a substantial reduction of monthly expenses, which seduces us all. In comparison to a conventional office, users of this type of space save from 30% to 70%, which can be significant for the survival of any company.

Important companies are part of the range of Your Office customers. “We often come up as an option in a transitional time, but the results are so rewarding that the partnership is understood and the customer ends up, some for a long time,” Ventura explains.

These are executive meeting and meeting rooms, auditoriums and a wide variety of services in which the administrative routine is the responsibility of the company. With monthly prices, the packages were created for companies, whose main focus is the reduction of costs and tax burden.

It is possible to build customized structures or “packages”, designed according to the different needs of the clients, ranging from large companies to independent professionals, according to the business of each one, from modular offices to simple packages of services, with or without tax or commercial domicile. They are available from the most common day-to-day procedures of an office, such as personalized attendance and agenda management to recruitment, selection of staff and bilingual secretary.

In addition to the physical structure, there is also an extensive network of services. From executives to small businesses whose head is the chief executive and needs support to work without worrying about the small daily issues. “We seek to provide exclusive and vip service to business partners without necessarily escalating a senior executive to this, offering constant training to our staff,” explains the CEO of Your Office.

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